Receiving guidance from Spirit can change everything.

I’ve been so fortunate to have served many incredible people in my work. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to get to channel personal messages of guidance and support from Spirit. It’s an incredible honor and I’m so just so grateful.

You can read about some of the experiences of my amazing clients below.

Working with Emilee

“Emilee has a very sweet, kind, and nurturing voice. When she shares your channeled message you can hear the effect it has on her as well. Emilee shares and explains her process very thoroughly, and delves into every detail, nuance, and meaning of your messages. The morning Emilee read for me I received the download, “Put on your listening ears,” and I believe we were in synch in real time — so cool! Some of the imagery she described was the same as what I receive during meditation, which is very specific and quite interesting. Emilee has a true gift and I highly recommend her, especially if you are looking for insight, answers, and clarity.”

– Turquoise

Emilee is so gifted! Her reading was so unique – I have gotten so many readings, but nothing like this. She described a beautiful story and I felt like I was there with her. Not only that, but she was so accurate! Her reading left me feeling so supported and empowered!

– Josie

“My readings with Emilee have been beautiful. She is so sweet, genuine, and connected to spirit. She has been able to connect to my guides twice now and each time it has been so helpful for the current situation I’m experiencing. I highly recommend Emilee!

– Anna

“Emilee was incredible! Everything she said was accurate and intriguing! She has a very peaceful demeanor that really makes you feel comfortable and connected. She provided a beautiful message and connects in a unique way and provided a message I needed to hear! Thanks again, Emilee! You’re a special soul!”

“Emilee provided a mini reading that truly resonated with me. The reading went in a direction I wasn’t expecting but needed. Grateful for the experience!”


“Emilee’s reading was thoughtful, compassionate, and accurate. She has a beautiful and profound gift.”


“Emilee is spot on with her readings. She got a visual of what I was going through and interpreted it in a way that resonated. I highly recommend getting a reading from her!

– Karina

“Emilee’s reading for me was delivered beautifully and with such care. Her vision affirmed what I already knew to be true in myself, which felt incredibly comforting and familiar. I appreciated the significant reminder to be with nature to cultivate my inner peace and develop my own spiritual abilities. I am immensely grateful for having been connected with Emilee – thank you.

Emilee was able to provide guidance at a point in my life where things are a bit uncertain. The message was really beautiful and spot on with what I have been going through. The message really resonated with me. Also being able to connect with a loved one from her reading was really special. Thank you!”

Emilee blew my mind with her reading. She started to describe an exact dream I had MONTHS ago and explaining it to me. It was incredible and insightful. I was able to shed a ton of limiting beliefs afterwards. Thank you so so much!! I can’t wait to connect again.”

“Emilee’s readings are powerful and insightful. She tapped into a very personal visualization from my younger self and described it in detail. I was blown away! Since this reading I’ve been able to revisit that time in my life and narrow down what needs to be let go. Emilee helped me to identify clogged space in my life which I then released and opened up for new opportunities and joy. My life has shifted even more in the positive direction I’m moving toward. Thank you!”

“Emilee sent me a beautiful channelled voice message that was so calming, serene and encouraging. She tapped into my higher self and described what she looked like, the scene, feelings coming through, and her messages. Emilee painted this beautiful picture that helped me to see exactly what she was seeing and feeling as well. I loved this because I’ve never experienced that style of reading before. So many synchronistic messages she tapped into – Emilee picked up on stuff I had been currently dealing with, or that others had picked up on readings as well. I had a smile on my face listening to this, and it provided some beautiful guidance. This really resonated, Emilee’s empathy and care really came through in her tone. Really beautiful, thank you so much Emilee!

Emilee provided a much needed message from spirit. I really appreciated that she decided to record while channeling. As she spoke I could feel the energy flow through my body, and it felt like I was brought into the channel with her. I realized I’ve had some fears that have stopped me from wanting to connect with my guides. Receiving this message from Emilee was a reminder that those fears came from my ego, and my guides have nothing but love for me. I look forward to receiving another message from Emilee in the future.”

– Lauren

Emilee connected with my energy really well. I really enjoy the images that come through because I can then see the images. This makes Emilee stand out from others because she might see images different from anyone else. As soon as Emilee started describing what she saw, I immediately started crying. Even though I don’t know what I was releasing I know it was a good thing to purge. Thank you Emilee.”

I really resonated with this reading. Currently I am struggling with feeling of guilt and that was brought up among a few other things that really hit home. I really appreciated the reading and want to listen to it again and see what else I take away from it. Thank you so much”

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