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Gain clarity and confidence while discovering your most transformative path forward

✨ It’s time to claim the absolute magic that exists within you ✨

The Suddenly Spiritual Podcast

Join me each week for a powerful dose of Spiritual wisdom focused on:

🌟 figuring out who the heck you truly are
🌟 connecting with your soul
🌟 discovering your true desires

And learning to bring all of that knowledge into your every day life to create the most fulfilling, joyful, magical life experience possible

Meet Emilee

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Hey Soul Seeker! I’m Emilee, a totally normal person turned Spiritual weirdo who is dedicated to guiding ambitious, action-taking women on a path of self-discovery and personal growth.

My own path to Spiritual Awakening was sudden and unexpected and it radically transformed my life. After spending too much time feeling stuck, stagnant, and just generally dissatisfied, I was thrown into a fast-paced journey of self-discovery, connecting deeply with my soul and experiencing love and connection more profoundly than I ever knew was possible. This incredible awakening ignited a fire within me, compelling me to share my knowledge and help other women find the same connection and confidence to live the life their souls are calling them to.

At the core of my practice is the belief that true freedom and satisfaction lie in connecting with your authentic self, embracing your intuition, and nurturing your spiritual connection. I believe that every person has the power to create the life of their dreams right alongside the Universe and it’s my mission to show you how.

It is my absolute joy to get to be a part of your journey of awakening and to support you as move toward your most incredible, soul-filled life.

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How I Can Support You

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Find Clarity and Receive Divine Guidance

Using my Spiritual connection I offer personalized intuitive readings designed to reconnect you with your soul and provide clarity for life moving forward.

These sessions are incredibly beautiful and my clients have had amazing results!

Client Feedback

“Emilee’s reading was thoughtful, compassionate and accurate. She has a beautiful and profound gift.”
Intuitive Reading Client
Emilee blew my mind with her reading. She started to describe an exact dream I had MONTHS ago and explaining it to me. It was incredible and insightful. I was able to shed a ton of limiting beliefs afterwards. Thank you so so much!! I can’t wait to connect again.”
Intuitive Reading Client
“Emilee is spot on with her readings. She got a visual of what I was going through and interpreted it in a way that resonated. I highly recommend getting a reading from her!"
Intuitive Reading Client
Emilee is so gifted! Her reading was so unique – I have gotten so many readings, but nothing like this. She described a beautiful story and I felt like I was there with her. Not only that, but she was so accurate! Her reading left me feeling so supported and empowered!"
Intuitive Reading Client
“My readings with Emilee have been beautiful. She is so sweet, genuine, and connected to spirit. She has been able to connect to my guides twice now and each time it has been so helpful for the current situation I’m experiencing. I highly recommend Emilee!"
Intuitive Reading Client