Emilee Anderson

Spiritual Messenger, Intuitive, Seeker, Old Soul

Hi, I’m Emilee! I’m a former spiritual skeptic who experienced a drastic and unexpected Spiritual Awakening that turned my whole world upside down.

I’m a curious, hungry and constantly surprised Spiritual seeker. I have a deep and growing connection to the spirit world that has become one of the greatest gifts of my life. Through discovering my spiritual connection and growing my gifts I have been led to truly incredible spiritual experiences like connecting with Angels, viewing past lives and interacting with past incarnations of my soul, deep deep healing and forgiveness, a deep awareness of energy and how to work with it, beautiful connections to spirit guides and so much more. 

As my gifts started to blossom I felt a curiosity leading to me to try to channel messages from Spirit for others. This felt like a big, scary, so-vulnerable step, but with the support of the Universe I took it. Those first readings were truly magical and provided so much validation for the incredible gift that had been unfolding within me. Since that moment I’ve continuously felt called to work toward connecting others to Spirit. I do this through working directly with people in readings and also through my podcast Suddenly Spiritual

I’m a lover of life, a messenger for Spirit and a deeply grateful and curious human being. I can’t wait to connect with you!

My Sudden Spiritual Awakening

I’ve spent so much time thinking about how to write this story. The difficult part is figuring out when it all began. With the knowledge I have now I can see that my whole life has been leading me toward opening up to Spirit. In retrospect I can see the signs along the way – starting from when I was just a child. 

But it wasn’t until I was in my early 30s that I actually started recognizing these signs. I didn’t know what was happening at the time, but I had this deep and very uncomfortable feeling that things were about to drastically change.

The biggest indicator of this change was an unshakeable feeling of discontent. I simply wasn’t happy or satisfied in my life and I couldn’t figure out why. Everything was going really well! And yet I couldn’t get rid of this feeling of being unfulfilled. It felt like something was missing and it was such a nagging, annoying, persistent feeling that eventually I had to stop ignoring it. (Although I did ignore it for a very long time.)

I tried various ways to regain my feeling of contentment in my life, but nothing worked. It wasn’t until I discovered Sonia Choquette’s book, Ask Your Guides that I started finally getting a sense of how major this change inside of me was. 

It was such a strange thing that I ended up listening to her book because I didn’t even know what spirit guides were and I had no interest in learning about them. Instead I was looking for information on how to access my intuition. I was so uncomfortable in my current life and it seemed like no matter what decision I made it didn’t resolve that feeling. I had heard people talk about making decisions from their intuition before and I was desperate enough to try to learn how. And, somehow, I picked up a book about spirit guides to teach me how to do it.

I had so many revelations listening to this book – the most important one being the realization that I had a soul. A soul! I honestly thought I was just a body and brain. The concept of the soul totally blew my mind and I instantly knew it was true. It was that spark of knowledge that started the fast moving wildfire of my spiritual journey.

From that moment I started journaling every day, listening to podcasts on intuition and soul and manifestation, listening to audiobooks about universal love and universal consciousness, meditating and eventually receiving messages directly from Spirit. Those direct messages led me to sell my successful business and dive fully into understanding this Spiritual connection and how it fit into my life.

As time progressed I started having vivid visions during my meditations and connecting with a multitude of spirit guides. I found that my journaling often turned to channeling and the messages were so beautiful and insightful there was just no way I could believe they came from my own mind. I couldn’t deny that I was connecting with something higher than myself. 

I saw the world differently. I experienced it differently. And I spent so much time feeling full to the brim with the eternal and unconditional love of Spirit. It was freaking awesome.

A few months after my first visions I began doing a few readings for others. I was so curious to find out if I could use this connection to help others or if it was exclusive to me and that curiosity propelled me forward. 

Less than 9 months after the shocking realization that I had a soul I started channeling messages from Spirit for others and the results literally shook me to my core. Not only was I able to receive beautiful and insightful guidance for others, but I could actually pick up on and see current events in their lives. That whole time (and often still now) I was literally stunned into silence by the complete impossibility of what was happening. 

After that there was no turning back. I couldn’t stop myself from diving deeper into learning about Spirit and about this connection if I tried. I’ve spent countless hours reading, meditating, learning, practicing, researching, growing and constantly being in awe of this entire experience that I never knew existed. 

I feel incredibly lucky every day for this opportunity to be connected to the divine and get to share that connection with others. It’s my belief that the gifts that have grown within me exist in every single person. It’s my goal to use the spark of my connection to illuminate the spark within others. Life in connection with Spirit is indescribably magical and it’s an experience I wish for everyone.

Let’s work together!

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